Project Preview: Big Improvements Planned Nationwide in 2017

Three men in a modern office setting, two using computers and one standing with a folder, smiling at the seated colleague.

At Case Controls, we are currently celebrating our 31st year in business. While we’re based in Evansville, Indiana, we have helped a number of companies – both large and small – from all across the world to upgrade the controllers and systems that they use to operate their plants and factories. From Kimberley-Clark and Michelin… Read more »

What Should You Expect From a Compressed Air Audit?

How much money is your facility spending on energy? If you’re like most facilities, around 40% of your energy costs relate to compressed air usage. It makes sense (and saves cents) to have a compressed air audit in order to see how efficient your systems are, right? Your air compressors might have control conflicts, your… Read more »

The Best Control Systems Have These Key Features; Are You Missing Out?

Consider the importance control systems play in manufacturing. How each individual system contributes in some small or large way to the overall success of the plant by means of efficiency, uptime, and driving down costs. The better performance the less cost for electricity, maintenance, and downtime. Control systems are like the brain to the human… Read more »

The Downfalls of Over-Pressurization for Any Compressed Air System

The more the better, right? Well, we all know that’s seldomly true. For just about anything in life there is a sweet-spot, a goldilocks equation, a predetermined engineered design point and if you own or operate a compressed air system you may never have thought about what over-pressurization is and how turning up the pressure,… Read more »

Data! Knowledge is Power

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” You’ve probably heard this phrase before; it has a lot of merit. How can you expect to make the best decisions with little to no information? Data doesn’t just tell a story, if used correctly, it’s a predictor of what’s to come. In the world of reliability, history… Read more »

An Overview of Master Controls

Industrial control panel with a digital display and several buttons, marked with warning labels, mounted in a factory setting.

Master Controls Think of a master controller as a sort of traffic cop for a busy intersection, coordinating compressors instead of cars. It provides the necessary communication and orchestration required to ensure that every compressor is working in concert with its counterparts. Master controllers have been on the market for years, many of them are… Read more »

What are the of Benefits of a Centrifugal Air Compressor?

Case Controls is the industry leader for designing and building world-class control solutions for industrial compressed air utilities on Allen Bradley PLCs. Clients get a solution that deliver maximum efficiency, superior reliability, user-friendly standardization, and complete system automation. Efficiency If you’re thinking of purchasing a centrifugal air compressor, what are some of its benefits? Well,… Read more »