What Should You Expect From a Compressed Air Audit?

How much money is your facility spending on energy? If you’re like most facilities, around 40% of your energy costs relate to compressed air usage. It makes sense (and saves cents) to have a compressed air audit in order to see how efficient your systems are, right? Your air compressors might have control conflicts, your air distribution system may not be designed properly, everyone has air leaks, and most likely you have pressure drop issues in your production areas. You might not have the right-sized compressor for the work that needs to be done. Or your technology could be outdated. All of these things can be discovered through a professional compressed air audit.

Audit Length

A proper audit usually takes several days to complete on a medium size system, a full week plus some on larger more complex systems, since it is a comprehensive review of your facility’s compressed air system(s). There’s usually little to no impact on current running procedures, so that’s a good thing.

Audit Measurement & Details

So what does an audit entail? A baseline of energy usage will be monitored and recorded on how much energy the compressors are using, followed by air measurements to determine a facility’s true compressed air demand. A complete pressure profile of the system along with flow measurement in key areas as required to develop the air demand requirements.

 Air Leaks

Next, air leaks will be detected to see how much air is being lost. Meanwhile, air quality will be checked to measure the number of particulates in the system. If you have a current maintenance plan, that will be reviewed and assessed to see the effectiveness of it. And, finally, recommendations to maintain efficiency will be given, so that you can optimize your system(s).

Improved Energy Efficiency

Ideally, a compressed air audit will lead to improvements in energy efficiency as well as system reliability. You can expect lower operating costs after leaks are fixed and/or improvements (and changes) are made.

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