A Proven, PLC Controller for Compressed Air Dryers

AirStarDC™ Air Compressor Dryer Controller

AirStarDC™ is a proven, robust control solution for air compressor dryers built on Allen-Bradley PLCs. This system is completely supportable with your own resources. This familiar PLC technology has no Case Controls proprietary components.

Air Logix PanelAirStarDC™ completely automates the dryer, cycling based on demand for energy management. Well conceived, straight forward screens provide the operator with detailed machine performance information. The screens provide the tools needed to troubleshoot, along with adding additional I/O components to the system.

This control platform has been developed to fit all dryer types regardless of make and model. By providing a common interface for all operators and users the complete system data set is available for remote access for existing connected controllers. AirStarDC™ is the perfect choice for integrating what is a critical component of clean dry compressed air into an automated and visible control system.

Features & Benefits


Thoroughly addresses set-up, tuning, troubleshooting and operations.

Program Back-up Copies

Provided on flash cards and shipped installed in the PLC and HMI for insurance against hardware failure.

Ethernet/IP and MODBUS Communications

Native and other protocols are optional for connection to any third-party system.

AirStarDC Compatibility

Compatible with 3PX-Backbone™, permitting electronic integration with numerous third-party controllers.

Energy Management System

Dynamically adjusted purge and heated purge regeneration based on dewpoint demand.

Elaborate HMI Functionality

Allows complete configuration, tuning, troubleshooting, and operation of the compressor.

Familiar Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI Platforms

Can be easily supported. No proprietary parts are used.

24/7/365 Support

By phone or remote connection is prompt and effective.

Hardware Specifications

*The following configuration is an example of a standard build. Each control system can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

    • Rating
      Type 4/12
    • Dimensions
      24”h x 24”w x 12”d
    • Color
      Light Gray
    • Weight
      80 lbs
    • Processor
      A-B MicroLogix 1400
    • Analog Inputs 8
      (4-20mA, 1-5V)
    • Digital Inputs 20
    • Digital Outputs 12
      (12-250 VAC/VDC)
    • HMI
      PanelView Plus Color
    • Emergency Stop
      Push Button
    • Control Power
      Selector Switch
    • Ethernet IP
      Used for Connection to HMI
    • Ethernet Switch
      Connection to Others
    • Cellular Modem
      Used for Remote Support
    • Power Requirements
      120VAC, 10 Amps
    • Enclosure/ System

      •Type 4X SS Enclosure Rating
      •Purgeable Instrument Access Door for HMI
      •Panel Heater
      •Panel Cooler
      •Larger PanelView
    • PLCs

    • PLC Components

      •Analog Inputs – Up to Eighteen
      •Analog Outputs – Up to Four
    • 480V Power Package

      •Blower Starter
      •Heater Contactor
      •Control Circuit Transformer
      •Lockable Disconnect
    • Communications

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