Air Compressor Leaks Could Cause Your Business to Lose a Great Deal of Money

The Department of Energy research shows that air leaks represent on average 25-30% of an industrial compressed air systems total demand for air. And that 50% of all compressed air produced in these plants are considered waste. When you have leaks, air systems tend to have to operate at a higher pressure to overcome the leaks which in turns requires more energy. The higher pressure creates artificial demand and the energy to support the leaks and artificial demand goes up significantly. Air leaks also cause production and process equipment to operate inconstantly which could cause off quality and drive up scrap rates.

Leaks Do More Than Waste Energy

How bad are leaks? Besides wasting energy, they contribute to system pressure drops. This, in turn, makes pneumatic equipment not work as well as it should. Meanwhile, equipment is forced to cycle more frequently, adding to the compressor’s running time. All in all, leaks equal less efficiency. They lead to the need for additional maintenance. And they shorten the lifespan of both system equipment and pneumatic tools.

Finding the Leak

So, how can you search for, and find, air leaks? You need to examine network piping, of course, as well as air hoses, hose connections/fittings, quick couplers, filters, regulators and line lubricators. You’re apt to find leaks around rod seals of air cylinders or at the cylinder control valve exhaust port. Meanwhile, things like lift trucks or pallet jacks can bump pipes and crack them, leading to leaks. Even something like a worker’s misplaced tool or an unclosed valve (that someone forgot to close) could lead to leaks.

iZ Systems utilizes the latest technology in ultrasonic leak detection. Our engineers are trained and experienced on using this technology to not only find air leaks but to identify open blowing applications that contribute to the 50% waste, known as inappropriate uses of compressed air.

Air Compressor Audits

Do you suspect that your air compressor system is leaking? iZ Systems is the largest and most experienced compressed air audit and technical services firm in the world. iZ Systems is also the only significant compressed air firm guaranteeing audit and project results. Not affiliated with an OEM, iZ Systems provides documented energy savings and project performance reports to customers.

When you work with iZ Systems, you’re getting a turnkey approach to guarantee energy savings! For more info, please call iZ Systems of Macon, Georgia, at 844-448-9797 to discuss your issues, needs or concerns.