AirMaster™PD meets the challenge of managing up to 8 rotary screw compressors. The compressors are all hardwired back to the base control panel. AirMaster becomes the intelligent decision maker utilizing a dedicated Master PLC in which the system management and control is executed. This can be a mix of fixed and variable capacity rotary screw machines.

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AirMaster™PD circumvents the need to replace the existing local third-party OEM proprietary control system for each compressor. This makes AirMaster™PD extremely versatile and effective for all types of scenarios and compressor rooms making it the go-to platform for systems requiring additional automation beyond the compressor itself.

We understand that no two plants are exactly the same and that’s why each AirMaster™PD system is designed specifically to fit each individual application. With this many moving parts it’s important to get it right from the start.

Features and Benefits

Maximize System Efficiency

Maximize system efficiency by running only the required compressors to meet plant demand

Precise System Pressure Stabilization

By controlling all of the air compressors to a single pressure signal and common group of setpoints

System-Wide Integration

Complete integration and coordination of up to 8 compressor types and manufacturers of rotary screw compressors

Data and Trending

Centralized compressor data including air pressures, temperatures, vibrations, and operational status data for up to 1 million data points.

Proactive Functionality

Prevent major pressure deviation due to a compressor trip/shutdown by adding additional capacity immediately when the event occurs vs waiting on the pressure to decay


Multi-level security architecture to adjust system automation parameters and set points

Rotary Screw Compressors

• Prevent compressor short interval load/unload cycling caused by multiple compressors responding to local independent pressure signals.

• Prevent unnecessary load/unload cycling caused by selecting the right compressor for the trim position.

• For variable speed motors, utilize the full capacity regulation by one or more VSD compressors to precisely respond to changing plant air demands.

• For compressors with variable capacity control (ex. Sullair Spiral valve) utilize the full capacity regulation by one or more variable capacity compressors to precisely respond to changing plant air demands.

• Capacity based automatic unload algorithms to unload/stop compressors based on available reserved capacity of throttled compressors.
more precisely control to the system pressure signal.


Complete new documentation sets including wiring diagrams, part’s lists, and user-manuals which thoroughly address set-up, tuning, troubleshooting and operations.

Ethernet/IP Communications

Native Ethernet/IP communication protocol. Other protocols are optional for connection to any third-party system.

Hardware Specifications

    • Rating
      Nema 4/12
    • Dimensions
      36"h x 24"w x 12"d
    • Color
      Light Gray
    • Weight
      115 lbs.
    • Processor
      CompactLogix 1769-L33ER
    • Analog Inputs (4-20mA, 1-5V)
    • Digital Inputs (24VDC)
    • Digital Outputs (12-250 VAC/VDC)
  • Each Remote I/O Panel (1 per compressor)
    • Analog Inputs (4-20mA, 1-5V)
    • Digital Inputs (24VDC)
    • Digital Outputs (12-250 VAC/VDC)
    • HMI
      10" Touch PV+7
    • Control Power
      Selector Switch
    • Ethernet
      Port Used for Connection to HMI
    • Ethernet Switch
      8-port Unmanaged
    • Power Requirements
      120VAC, 10 amps
    • Enclosure System
      •Nema 4X SS Enclosure Rating
      •Purgeable Instrument Access Door for HMI
      •Vortec Panel Cooler
      •Panel Air Conditioning
      •Panel Heater
      •Larger Display

    • PLCs
      •CompactLogix 5069 Hardware

    • PLC Components
      •Analog Inputs
      •Analog Outputs
      •Discrete Inputs & Outputs

    • Communications
      •Modbus TCP
      •Modbus RTU
      •BACnet/IP & BACnet MS/TP

    • HMI
      -Uprade to AirView SE
      -Upgrade to AirView Cloud

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