Compressed Air Audits Help Businesses Discover These Issues

Does your business use a compressed air system? If so, you might wonder what you need to do to properly maintain it. As such, you should know what issues could arise.

So what are some common issues with compressed air systems?

Low Pressure

One of the main issues with compressed air systems is that their pressure is too low, or at least the pressure is perceived to be too low. Maybe there’s a problem with the machinery. It could be that there’s inadequate torque on an air tool. Or perhaps the air cylinders aren’t able to apply the needed force for whatever reason. Pressure is always the primary focus, in most cases, it’s a flow issue that causes low pressure.

Poor Air Quality

What about air quality? A compressed air system might be dealing with poor air quality. Maybe your filters and dryers aren’t performing properly. Maybe the filter needs to be changed or replaced. Your condensate drains may not be sized or applied correctly.


If and when air compressors face down time, that can affect a company’s bottom line, cutting into profits. That’s why most companies have backup compressor capacity available when needed. It’s also why smart companies choose to do both preventative and predictive maintenance on their equipment, including their air compressors.


Finally, there’s the issue of poor efficiency which leads to high energy cost(s). To help reduce costs, try operating a compressor at as low a pressure as possible. Use demand operated drain traps instead of timer operated drains. Make sure users can recognize leaks, so air isn’t being wasted. Look for ways to perform a certain task using some other mode of force versus using compressed air.

Compressed Air Audits Will Help

iZ Systems can perform Engineered Investment Grade compressed air audits for you. An audit can help identify cost reductions as well as process improvements. An audit examines the compressor, taking into account system components such as intake filtration, aftercoolers, storage tanks, air dryers, etc. As well, the piping distribution headers are evaluated to ensure they are properly sized. Then the demand side applications are investigated to make sure they are using air in the most efficient manner. If you want to optimize performance, help your equipment last longer, and gain insight into operations for continuous improvement, get a compressed air audit by iZ Systems. Call 844-448-9797 for details or use the online contact form, here.