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  • A compressed air audit is a thorough and complete evaluation of your system’s efficiency. While the heart of any compressed air system is its supply equipment: air compressors, filters, dryers, & receivers, the system also includes distribution piping header, sub-headers, point of use FRLs, and most important, your production equipment. During an audit, we asses all of these areas to determine where the inefficiencies and bottlenecks are.

  • With decades of experience across all manufacturing industries, Case iZ has built a reputation for reliable and responsive support that is unlike any other. Access the right support is the way to ensure your success, and that’s why we’ve made it our top priority provide unmatched support and service to our customers.

  • AirView Cloud provides comprehensive and simple energy monitoring and system health awareness of the compressed air and cooling water systems. Historical Trending will also provide insights into the compressed air system performance over time. AirView Cloud is a great tool to assist with root cause analysis of system issues and events and live data can be accessed from anywhere.

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