Very pleased with the Case Controls


US3 (Spartanburg) is still very pleased with the Case Controls. I do not have history on energy savings. Our consumption has steadily gone up over the last few years with equipment modifications, higher production, less attention to leaks, etc… I can say that we are presently using about 3.5 of 4 compressors which means they run at MMA a lot of the time. Prior to Case all of our compressors had a MMA set point of 53 amps. But with Case I have seen MMA as low as 47 to 48 amps (according to the condition of the machine) in the cooler months. So it would be safe to say that for at least 6 months out of 12 we save 5 amps at 4160 vac 3 phase on the 3 Case Controlled machines. –> 3 mach x 5 amps x 4160 vac x 1.73 = 108 kw, –>108 kw x 24 hr x $.05/kwh x 30 days = $3,888 / month.

Of course this is a best “case” scenario (no pun intended) when your combined machine capacity vs. load allows the machines to run at MMA 7/24/all month. Another thing I have found to be very helpful and educational is the tech. support that Devin provides. Don’t get me wrong, Jason is coming along but Devin has actually helped me diagnose “intermittent” mechanical problems on my machines which had nothing to do with the Case Controller – just good old A/C experience. I must also commend you guys for the way you charge tech support time against my Air Support Account. I purchased 30 hours in May 2005. We have re-tuned the setpoints every Spring & Fall, trouble-shot several problems etc… & I still have about 1 hour left on my original account. It is time for me to re-up for 30 more but I have bragged several times on how fair you guys are.

Our biggest problem now is that our shift operators don’t have to touch the Case Controls enough to remember how to work’em. No joke!

Look forward to seeing you in SC & next month in Indiana. –> Don’t tell Devin I was bragging on him, he might get the big-head. – just kidding.

Greg Jolley
NCF Utilities Reliability Coordinator
Michelin Tire, Spartanburg, S.C.
864-599.3365, I

The system is working extremely well

Thanks for all your help throughout this project. The system is working extremely well, we are very pleased with the results. In fact, the system is controlling so well that we were able to drop our air pressure setpoint well below the anticipated 96 PSI. We are now controlling to 90 PSI.

Michael Thomas

Improved our compressed air efficiency by approx. 25%

Things are going great! I’ve spent the last week doing compressor PM’s, and it is so nice to press a couple of buttons and have our compressors respond. We have been able to improve our compressed air efficiency by approx. 25% which is great.

Derek Crabb
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Truly leading experts in the field

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for having given us the opportunity to work together regarding the controls system upgrade to our (4) Joy Turbo Air Compressors here at the Kellogg Company, Lancaster Morning Foods Manufacturing Facility. It’s been several years since the project was implemented and the results have been outstanding, far exceeding our expectations in performance, ease of installation, simplicity of operation and reliability. You and and your team are truly leading experts in the field of Air Compressor Control Systems and the professionalism within your organization is world class.

Michael Thomas
Kellogg Company

They have gone beyond selling a product and have truly partnered with us

I have been working with CASE iZ for almost 10 years, and I cannot speak highly enough about their value to our company. While I believe that CASE iZ has the best automation and continuous monitoring product on the market, that is only a small part of what makes them different from their competition. I have worked with many different companies across the industry, and what sets CASE iZ apart is how they have gone beyond selling a product and have truly partnered with us to optimize the efficiency and reliability of our compressed air systems from the compressor room all the way to the point of use.

Tim Hall, PE, MLT II, MLA II
Reliability Leader Discrete Operations

Tim Hall