AirSequal™ is designed to provide a cost-effective, reliable automation solution for facilities with multiple rotary screws and reciprocating air compressors. The two primary goals are maintaining pressure within the system and improving supply side compressed air system efficiency by reducing or eliminating unnecessary online horsepower. In turn, save on energy costs, prolong the life of the compressors, and reduce maintenance costs.

Air Sequal
AirSequal™ is an Allen Bradley PLC based control system designed to automate 2-6 air compressors of various sizes, makes, and models. AirSequal™ is a supervisory level control system and interfaces to the OEM local control system through hardwired discrete inputs and outputs. The OEM control system protects the individual compressors as it does today. The PLC brings obvious advantages of flexibility, availability and serviceability by a number of resources. The copyrighted software or “source code” (part of which is known as ladder logic) is the property of iZ/Case. It is licensed to users for installation and use on a single compressed air system.

Features and Benefits


Add an optional flow meter to unlock FlowSeq. As demand changes, the AirSequal will automatically adjust to run the appropriate compressor lineup for maximum efficiency.
Base/Trim Control- The system can coordinate multiple variable capacity control systems in order to prevent multiple part-loaded matches from running at the same time. The system automatically matches the correct HP to current plant demands.

System Scheduling

Full calendar-based system control. Run the system how and when you want to. The AirSequal can automatically select a sequence based on the time of day and day of the week to best match production demand.

Automatic Sequence Rotation

Auto rotation functionality is available with the intent of maintaining equal runtime across the compressors. Two auto rotation functions are available: Compressor Runtime Based Rotation and Preset Sequence Based Rotation.

IIOT Web Interface

Remote viewing of the AirSequal plus 90-day trend history allow you visualize the impact of our system. Alerts and notifications via text or email provide up-to-date information to keep your system safe. All of these features are accessible via your computer or mobile device.

Industry Standard Automation – Allen-Bradley PLCs

Built on the Allen-Bradley line of factory automation by Rockwell, Case Controls uses ZERO proprietary parts. This means customers are free to select from a worldwide distribution network and multiple vendors for Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley hardware.


Whether on-site, by phone, or via modem connection, support is prompt, effective, and available 24/7.


Complete new documentation sets including wiring diagrams, part’s lists, and user-manuals which thoroughly address set-up, tuning, troubleshooting and operations.

Ethernet/IP Communications

Native Ethernet/IP and Modbus communication protocol. Other protocols are optional for connecting to any third-party system.

Hardware Specifications

  • Enclosure
    • Rating
      Nema 3R/4/12 & IP66
    • Dimensions
      36"h x 24"w x 12"d
    • Color
      Light Gray
    • Weight
      145 lbs.
    • Processor
    • Analog Inputs (4-20mA, 1-5V)
    • Digital Inputs (24VDC)
    • Digital Outputs (12-250 VAC/VDC)
    • HMI
      7" Maple (Touch)
    • Emergency Stop
    • Control Power
    • Ethernet
      Port Used for Connection to HMI
    • Ethernet Switch
      5-port Unmanaged
    • Serial Port
      Modbus RTU
    • Power Requirements
      120VAC, 10 amps
    • Enclosure System
      •Nema 4X SS Enclosure Rating
      •Purgeable Instrument Access Door for HMI
      •Vortec Panel Cooler
      •Panel Air Conditioning
      •Panel Heater
      •Larger Display

    • PLCs

    • PLC Components
      •Analog Inputs
      •Analog Outputs
      •Discrete Inputs & Outputs

    • Control Scheme
      •Rotary screw variable capacity control – spiral valve, inlet modulation, variable speed motor, poppet valve
      •Recip variable capacity control – 2,3, and 5 step control
      •Dryer interface

    • 480V Power Package
      •Oil Heater Contactor
      •Blower Motor Starter
      •Control Circuit Transformer
      •Lockable Disconnect
      •Main Motor Starter

    • Communications
      •Modbus TCP
      •Modbus RTU
      •BACnet/IP & BACnet MS/TP

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