Support & Services

With decades of experience across all manufacturing industries, Case iZ has built a reputation for reliable and responsive support that is unlike any other.  Access the right support is the way to ensure your success, and that’s why we’ve made it our top priority provide unmatched support and service to our customers.

When you call us, you will always get a real person on the phone who can take a deep dive right into the control system in real-time and walk you through any problem.

Energy Monitoring Support

As part of the AirView Cloud application, customers receive online system efficiency monitoring. An experienced system engineer will provide regular checkups on the system performance and either make the needed adjustments to the system or provide a recommendation to plant personnel that an adjustment is needed.

As part of this service, a regularly scheduled visit to the plant can be included to analyze the system and review any hardware issues that may need attention.

Machine Health Monitoring:

Case iZ can provide real-time diagnostics that include:

  • Historical trend and PID tuning of each local machine
  • Remote connection via cell modem or customer-provided VPN
  • Centrifugal AirWatch report when applicable

Features can be provided as part of a chosen Service Plan or on as needed basis. Whether is a mechanic issue on the compressor, or the machine just needs some tuning, our staff is ready to help.  

Total Care Packages:

Energy and Health Monitoring services can be combined in a Total Care Package.  Our Best in Class support services are a result of our proactive and comprehensive approach, provided by experienced and innovative compressed air system experts.