Powering industry Through Efficiency

A comprehensive approach is needed to maximize efficiency and provide a reliable system for both the supply and demand side of any manufacturing facility. CaseiZ has decades of experience helping our automotive clients implement and maintain best in class compressed air systems. Whether the need is to improve your existing facility or are looking to build a new plant, CaseiZ can help you with all aspects of improving or maintaining your compressed air or cooling water systems.

  • Compressed air is a critical utility for automotive assembly plant and parts manufacturers. It also represents a large portion of the energy footprint in those plants. A reliable system is necessary but can also be provided efficiently, minimizing the carbon footprint.

  • CaseiZ has extensive experience helping the Steel and Aluminum manufactures implement energy efficient and best in class reliable system. Hot and Cold mills have different needs compared to a casting operation.

  • Reliability of the compressors system if a necessity in a Petrochem facility. Whether it be a critical application in a Refinery or chemical compounding application or just maintaining the plant pressure reliably and efficiently, CaseiZ has solutions to meet the need.

  • Food and beverage plants can include many different processes in their operation: cooking, processing food, packaging, and more. With so many components, compressed air and cooling water are critical utilities for these plants and play a vital role in the quality of product.

  • All aspects of paper manufacturing need reliable compressed air to perform at their optimal air. Whether is be steady dry air for the paper machine of consistent pressure for pulp processing, CaseiZ has decades of experience working Paper Mills and processing facilities.

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