Case Controls: A History of Successes

Case Controls has been helping companies design and build world-class control solutions for all of their industrial compressed air systems for more than 30 years now. While the cutting-edge and innovative solutions that we have created have played a big role in our success over the years, we couldn’t possibly be as successful as we… Read more »

New Master Controls Help Paper Company Save $560K

Like many other companies out there, a paper company in Eastover, North Carolina, hit a point recently where they felt as though their plant wasn’t as efficient as it should be. They were using two 800HP Joy centrifugal compressors with obsolete Quad III controllers and three Atlas Copco fixed speed rotary screw compressors with obsolete… Read more »

Coffee Processor Perks Up Savings with New PLC System

Until recently, a major coffee processor was operating a plant that utilized a very inefficient system. The plant relied on a 350 Centac centrifugal compressor, a 500 Joy centrifugal compressor, two 500 HP Atlas Copco rotary screw compressors, and two 800HP Atlas Copco rotary screw compressors – all of which provided plenty of power, but… Read more »

Project Preview: Big Improvements Planned Nationwide in 2017

At Case Controls, we are currently celebrating our 31st year in business. While we’re based in Evansville, Indiana, we have helped a number of companies – both large and small – from all across the world to upgrade the controllers and systems that they use to operate their plants and factories. From Kimberley-Clark and Michelin… Read more »

Tandus Finds Consistent Pressure with Updated Equipment

Industrial control panel with digital display and several control buttons, housed in a sturdy metal casing, with a 'caution automatic operation' sign.

Prior to working with Case Controls, Tandus found itself dealing with a problem that has become all too common among those that specialize in manufacturing. The company was using three Sullair TS32/25 compressors with limited modulation capability along with two 700HP Cameron Cooper centrifugal compressors that included obsolete Quad 2000 controllers. However, each compressor was… Read more »

Upgraded Controls, Upgraded Energy Efficiency

Open industrial electrical control panel with wires, circuit breakers, and switches, labeled with voltages.

A Kellogg’s plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania realized that it was wasting a lot of energy every year to operate four air compressors. An energy audit revealed that the company was wasting at least $46,000 – if not more – due to this problem. The issue seemed to be that without effective controls for the compressors… Read more »

Case Engineering was acquired by Blake and Pendleton

A large metal industrial mixer with four supporting legs in a factory setting surrounded by other machinery.

On November 1st 2015 Case Engineering was acquired by Blake and Pendleton of Macon Ga. This alliance strengthens our position as the leader in compressed air automation with many new resources. Case will continue to operate as Case Engineering and maintain our relationship with all existing Channel Partners.

Greg Jolley – Michelin Tire, – Spartanburg, SC

US3 (Spartanburg) is still very pleased with the Case Controls. I do not have history on energy savings. Our consumption has steadily gone up over the last few years with equipment modifications, higher production, less attention to leaks, etc… I can say that we are presently using about 3.5 of 4 compressors which means they… Read more »

Derek Crabb – Baxter Healthcare Corp, – Mountain Home, AR

Things are going great! I’ve spent the last week doing compressor PM’s, and it is so nice to press a couple of buttons and have our compressors respond. We have been able to improve our compressed air efficiency by approx. 25% which is great. Click to read full testimonial