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Compressed air is a critical utility for automotive assembly plants and part manufacturers. The quality of a plant’s compressed air system affects energy costs, carbon footprint, and quality of production. Stamping, Paint, Engine Assembly, Final Assembly, and more rely on a plant’s ability to provide stable and efficient compressed air energy.

Case iZ has decades of experience helping automotive clients implement and maintain best in class compressed air systems. Whether your need is to improve an existing facility, or build an efficient plant from the ground up, Case iZ can give you a compressed air or cooling water system that saves you energy and improves your system performance.

Case iZ and the Automotive Industry
We employ a variety of data analysis methods and apply innovative technologies to gain an accurate picture of where you are in your energy production and efficiency. Using this information, we can provide you with a custom plan of action to take control of your system.

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  • Case iZ provides initial energy evaluations, compressed air audits, turnkey projects and more. Our ability to customize to your needs takes our services to the next level.

  • Our library content contains video walk throughs for navigating the local control screens of AirLogix and AirStarPD.

  • For information on our remote AirView Cloud capability and how we monitor your system control, check out our Managed Support page.

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