As part of our ROI guarantee, and a most-favored-by-clients feature, we offer a Turn-key Solution to those who have completed and reviewed their final audit report.

A Turn-key Solution is a project proposal that Case iZ will see through from beginning to end; meaning that we will handle all design features, timeline management, and third-party interactions.

Our project team is ready to implement the solutions outlined in our audit and include:

  • A project manager: responsible to ensuring that the project ROI, timeline, and other related KPIs are met
  • Engineering staff: creates our drawing package that confirms the design and the scope of the project
  • Inside project coordinator: interacts with suppliers and contractors so the same goals and objectives are communicated to them.
  • Field start-up team: performs the on-site installation and integration of our solutions with the plant’s assets

The start-up team, with the support of the engineering team, provides final tuning of the system before performing extensive training of the new system to plant personnel.

Throughout the process, the client has input and the option to use certain suppliers and contractors of their choice as long as they meet the scope of supply and the scope of work that we generate.

The result of our project management and Turnkey Solution is a guaranteed ROI of the project proposed in our engineering audit.