Project Preview: Big Improvements Planned Nationwide in 2017

At Case Controls, we are currently celebrating our 31st year in business. While we’re based in Evansville, Indiana, we have helped a number of companies – both large and small – from all across the world to upgrade the controllers and systems that they use to operate their plants and factories. From Kimberley-Clark and Michelin to Kellogg’s and Caterpillar, companies have trusted us to help make their operations more efficient and to save them money.

In 2017, we are planning to do more of the same and hope this year will be our biggest one yet. Here are just a few of the projects we have on the calendar as of right now:

Refining a Refinery

We are going to be installing three new Allen Bradley-based AirLogix® systems on existing compressors at an east Texas refinery, in addition to AirMaster™ floating architecture that will provide the refinery with true load sharing. The floating master architecture will not require a separate programmable logic controller (PLC) as it will be installed in each of the local controllers, and the system will allow the compressors in the refinery to work together better. This entire system will be installed outdoors and will meet all of the API design and environmental requirements.

Power Plant Compressor Upgrades

We are going to be upgrading four old compressors at a power plant in Florida and installing a new Allen Bradley PLC-based AirLogix® system that will provide a dynamic throttle limit and air density compensation. This will allow the system to compensate controls based on the temperature of incoming air, while also balancing the overall load more effectively. This means compressors will be able to operate dynamically, eliminating the need for wasteful blow offs while improving efficiency and providing a comprehensive overview of the system status at all times.

Breaking Problems with Glass Manufacturing

We are going to be upgrading a Joy Quad III controller at a glass manufacturing facility located in the Chicago area in 2017, as well. This updating project comes a year after replacing several decades-old and obsolete Quad III controllers in the other plants across the country. The retrofit kit that we plan on using will allow us to perform a much more rapid installation than normal while providing the plant with a new, advanced Allen Bradley PLC control platform, AirLogix®.

Chemical Compress Control Upgrades

The final major project on our agenda is the continuation of a project at a chemical facility near Mobile, Alabama, where we work to finish updating three of five compressors with AirLogix® controls. The project will also include the implementation of a new AirMaster™ system that will provide load sharing capabilities on each header, in addition to a Case AirGate™ solution that will improve valve regulation and make sharing air between high-pressure and low-pressure headers a simpler process. In turn, this allows extra capacity from the high-pressure compressor to be more efficiently used rather than starting the low-pressure compressor when it isn’t required, providing improved overall operational flow and reducing energy costs.

Case Controls offers a wide and diverse range of solutions to meet the air flow and compression management needs of companies throughout the country in a wide range of industries and applications To learn more about what we can do for you and your operation, call us at 812-422-2422 today and speak with one of our experts about your needs.