Case Controls: A History of Successes

Case Controls has been helping companies design and build world-class control solutions for all of their industrial compressed air systems for more than 30 years now. While the cutting-edge and innovative solutions that we have created have played a big role in our success over the years, we couldn’t possibly be as successful as we are today without our excellent state-of-the-art facility in Evansville, Indiana and, more importantly, the staff members who fill it and help us to be the best in the business.

The building that we use as our central location was built in 1916 and used to be the Illinois Central Freight Depot, a freight train station in that shipped and received merchandise to and from locations around the region, as Historic Evansville notes. With a design that was originally built to house freight for the railroad, this structure has handled the past century well, and still remains structurally sound and reliable for our needs today. Take a look at this video from YouTube user FeeltheHistory to see more of the history of the building.

When Case Controls took over the building in 1986, we refurbished it completely, and we have continued to update and make improvements to it every year since. As the sole occupant in the building, we have been able to convert the expansive space to meet all of our needs, and now have designated areas tailored to function for training, testing, engineering and manufacturing inside of the building. Each of these areas plays a pivotal role in our ability to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

While our building has evolved over the years, many of the long-time employees on our team have remained the same and continue to work hard to help Case Controls deliver our compressed air solutions.

John Craddock started Case in 1986 as a general automation house. We soon became one of the first authorized Allen Bradley distributors in the U.S., and for 25 of our 31 years, we have specialized in automated air compression systems, with it becoming our sole focus under Craddock’s leadership roughly 19 years ago.

Another one of our longtime employees is Jeff Small, who started at Case in 1998. As a member of our team for nearly two decades, Small has worked up in the company, taking on more responsibilities and duties, and now manages all aspects of panel fabrication. It’s employees like Small that make Case such a special place to work and allow us to continue offering reliable and purpose-built solutions for our clients.

Throughout our history, Case Controls has adapted to meet the needs of changing technologies and the demands of our clients, and we remain committed to continuing to grow and serve our customers well into the future. We welcome the opportunity to work with companies who need help with their compressed air automation and hope that you will consider working with us. Call us at 812-422-2422 today to learn more about how Case Controls can assist you and your facility.