An Example of How Compressed Air Systems Can Save Your Company Bundles of Money

Plenty of companies will promise to save you money when you invest in their products or services. However, very few of them can deliver the way that iZ Systems has over the years. Recently, iZ Systems was able to help food packaging manufacturer Pactiv—a company located in Macon, Georgia that specializes in producing molded fiber egg cartons—save more than $250,000 every single year in energy costs. Check out how iZ Systems made this possible for Pactiv.

The process started by replacing older compressed air systems.

At the start, iZ Systems inspected the compressed air systems that Pactiv was using and found they weren’t operating efficiently. iZ Systems provided Pactiv with a blower system that was designed to eliminate dramatic pressure changes. This helped Pactiv cut down on the amount of energy that was used day in and day out.

Next, a compressed air automation and data acquisition system was installed.

If the only step taken was replacing compressed air systems, the plant would have been in much better shape. However, by adding a data acquisition system into the mix, it gave iZ Systems and Pactiv a chance to perform audits on their new compressed air systems at a moment’s notice so they can pinpoint and correct any problems that arise. The system can connect with many compressors at one time to keep a close eye on their efficiency levels.

A simple way to control compressors and equipment.

The key to saving energy in a facility like the one operated by Pactiv is being able to monitor what’s happening with all the compressors and equipment in it at one time. iZ Systems made it easy for Pactiv to do this by setting them up with a Beckhoff CX5140 Embedded PC that is equipped with a four-core, 1.91 GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor.  What’s more, everything is connected using EtherCAT industrial Ethernet technology. All these various upgrades helped Pactiv reduce their energy consumption for compressed air by about 45%. This resulted in savings of about $250,000 per year and reduced the Pactiv plant’s carbon footprint in a notable way.

From installing compressed air automation and data acquisition systems to performing compressed air system audits, iZ Systems can help your business save money in a variety of ways. Call 844-448-9797 to learn more.