Why Your Business Should Consider a Compressed Air Audit

There are businesses in a variety of industries that rely on compressed air systems in their manufacturing equipment. From the automotive and electronic industries to food processing and pharmaceutical ones, myriad companies be unable to function without compressed air.

If your business uses compressed air on a regular basis, consider having a compressed air audit done. During an audit, a compressed air system will be evaluated from top to bottom to make sure it’s functioning optimally and is providing you with the best possible performance. Here are a few reasons why a compressed air audit is essential for any businesses that use compressed air systems.

An audit ensures you’re using the right compressed air systems

Over time, most businesses add new equipment to their facilities and take old equipment out of them. However, many of them keep the same compressed air systems in place, which could result in operational mismatches within a facility. If you’ve moved equipment around or installed new equipment, a compressed air audit can reveal mismatches and allow you to make the proper compressed air upgrades.

An audit pinpoints hidden compressed air system leaks

Is the compressor in your compressed air system cycling almost all the time? This will waste a lot of energy and put a real strain on your system, which can cost you a ton of money over the years. You can put a stop to this endless cycling by having a compressed air audit done on your system. It will pinpoint problems like leaks that can cause a compressor to continue cycling at just about all times.

An audit shows you ways to improve compressed air systems

At the end of the day, your goal should always be to make sure your facility is running as efficiently as it possibly can. A compressed air audit can reveal some changes that you can make to your facility to improve efficiency. You’ll gain invaluable insights into your operations and find better ways of doing things by performing a compressed air audit.

Do you think you could benefit greatly from a compressed air audit? iZ Systems can conduct one for you and provide you with a full report on your compressed air systems. Call us at 844-448-9797 today to schedule an audit.