A large automotive assembly plant with over 12,000 HP of air compressors was in the midst of a major expansion with a goal of increasing production and reducing their carbon footprint. 

The Paint, Stamping, and Assembly departments were the primary areas of focus, where current compressed air energy was unreliable and could not match the demand of upcoming production goals.

To first establish the current compressed air system capacity, a detailed compressed air audit was performed.  Once data was collected and analyzed, a custom plan to optimize the plant’s system was outlined and executed. After installing AirLogix PLC controls on five centrifugal compressors in one building and three new AirLogix PD’s on three rotary compressors in another building, a centralized AirMaster system was implemented to ease visibility and control on all compressors.

The control implemented in each manufacturing area of the plant introduced automated pressure regulation so that each area of manufacture could utilize the exact pressure needed and reduce artificial demand.

The result was a significant savings in energy costs, and a total reduction of the overall carbon footprint, exceeding the project goals.