A large automotive assembly plant was undergoing a major expansion. The existing plant relied on five 1200 HP Centrifugal compressors and one rotary screw compressor with plans to purchase and integrate an additional two large centrifugal compressors to their lineup.

Their existing compressors were functioning disjointedly and the plant wanted to gain better control of the compressors and their energy usage.

Case iZ installed new AirLogix control systems on the five existing centrifugal compressors and the two newly integrated centrifugal compressors. The two new compressors were installed in two major manufacturing areas of the plant, but tied together via a common header.

An AirMaster automation system was implemented and all of the compressors were integrated over the plant network.

The application of the new systems resulted in cohesive load sharing that ultimate produced an excess of 7MM lb of carbon emissions reduction.