What Are the Advantages of Rotary Screw Controllers?

Few things are more important to an industrial business’ bottom line than the state of their air compressor systems. Efficient air compressors reduce energy bills, prevent shutdowns and keep things running smoothly. Conversely, inefficient ones cause all sorts of headaches for business owners, while wasting energy and increasing expenses.

Rotary screw compressors are one of the more popular air compressor types. They’re easy to use, have good safety ratings and can thrive in harsh environments. Ran properly, they conserve energy and require minimal maintenance.

Nevertheless, like any industrial machine, things can go awry with rotary screw air compressors. One surefire way to minimize the risk of your machine running unproductively is to have advanced rotary screw controllers in place. Here’s what a compressor controller should provide:

  • Make it easier to fine tune your compressor so it suits the needs of your business
  • Be user friendly, provide operational data and make it easier to fix problems if/when they arise
  • Allow users to set pressure limits
  • Help operations avoid shutdowns
  • Allow you to set the air compressor on and off remotely
  • Reduce energy use and lower overall expenses
  • Help optimize the entire system

Those are just some of the many benefits of our rotary screw controllers. Case Controls has provided countless clients with AirStarPD, an ultra reliable control system that is easy-to-use and has been shown to improve air compressor efficiency. Helping companies save money while improving reliability. To learn more about the benefits of adding an AirStarPD to your rotary screw air compressor system, contact us.