Top Six Reasons to Have a Compressed Air Audit

When most businesses hear the word “audit,’’ they envision accountants in expensive business suits pulling out magnifying glasses to closely examine their books. As such, the word audit can have a negative connotation, even though the process of having a third party examine your finances or operations or equipment can prove to be quite advantageous to businesses.

iZ Systems specializes in providing compressed air audits for our customers. Unlike the accountants in the aforementioned example, we provide turn-key implantation, meaning we perform our analysis firsthand and factor in your company’s operational setup, then use the audit to formulate a rectifying approach that suits your needs and budget.

So what are the benefits of having a compressed air audit performed in your industrial business? Here are six benefits of having one done.

  1. It will help your bottom line. A compressed air audit will search for opportunities for equipment and layout improvements that could lead to bundles of savings for businesses. For example, iZ Systems helped a food processing company save 250K a year in energy costs by helping them upgrade their systems. Which brings us to the next benefit…
  2. The audit will almost certainly pay for itself. Energy audits will assuredly find opportunities for savings, which means the audit will pay for itself and more, once you calculate the yearly energy savings. The extra money can then be used in other portions of the business to help grow your company.
  3. It will help make your workplace safer. An audit will help find unsafe equipment in your air compressor systems. Whether old age or some other variable caused it to deteriorate, it’s important to find things that might put your company at risk.
  4. Audits will lead to less maintenance on your end. Incorporating new systems that feature the latest and most up to date technologies will provide you with peace of mind knowing you’re equipped with the most reliable options for your workplace and that your system won’t require constant maintenance and repairs.
  5. An opportunity to get a control system in place and improve air efficiency. By setting up a new control system, you know everything will be working efficiently and optimally at all times, rather than metaphorically allowing money to blow out the door.
  6. You can reduce scrap rates, increase production throughput and provide more consistent results in your operation. During the audit, our team spends a tremendous amount of time understanding how compressed air is being consumed and used by the production equipment and processes to produce our customers’ products. In doing so, we’re able to provide a tailored solution that delivers real results because the compressed air system becomes more predictable and reliable.

Those are just a few of the many advantages of having a professional compressed air audit completed. For more information, contact iZ Systems today.