The Importance of Air Dryer Controllers

Compressed air is a foundational utility for manufacturing companies. It’s used to keep a wide range of vital machines and other devices working properly. When it’s not , it increases energy costs for businesses and puts extra, unneeded wear and tear on machines.

 Moisture is one example of a variable that can cause issues for compressed air systems, and hurt performance. Let’s take a look at why it’s an issue, and what you can do to minimize its impact. 

The Problems Caused by Moisture in Air Compressor Systems

Air is comprised of vaporized water, and once it passes through the compressor system, the vapor turns into water condensation. This moisture can lead to a whole host of problems, including the following:

  • Too much moisture will lead to rust and hurt equipment by flushing lubricant
  • Excessive moisture could cause corrosion in the piping system
  • Moisture can damage pneumatic controls and other equipment, leading to issues with production
  • A combination of moisture and cold temperatures could freeze control lines
  • Moisture can cause false readings on devices

How Air Dryer Controllers Can Help

Those are just a few, of the many examples of issues caused by moisture in air compressor systems. As such, air dryers have become nearly ubiquitous in industrial and manufacturing settings, although they work better when a control is in place. The presence of a high quality air dryer controller, such as Case Controls’ AirStarDC , will help improve drying processes and handle issues or areas neglected by human error. The AirStarDC is available for all types of dryers, and features user friendly technology that is customized to meet the specific needs and measurement requirements of your facility. The control automates, and therefore provides consistency to the drying cycle with built in Energy Management System (EMS). What’s more, data is conveniently available remotely. It’s easy to use, understand and configure to suit your air compressor system.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of air dryer controllers, contact Case Controls today.