Improve Air Compressor Efficiency With a Professional Audit

Unfortunately, businesses across the country waste energy and money on their air compressed air systems. Without the help of an experienced compressed air professionals and access to the proper measured data, it is difficult to know whether or not your system is working optimally. By having a compressed air audit done, you can find out for sure if your business is among those wasting energy and money thanks to an inefficient system. Here are examples of what an audit will find.

A Compressed Air Audit Will Provide a Baseline of Energy

During a compressed air audit, the energy for each compressor is monitored and logged so we can provide a baseline of energy that the current compressed air system is consuming. Once you realize the amount of money being spent to operate your air system, it becomes easier to commit the necessary resources to fixing and correcting the inefficiencies in your system. Energy makes up more than 70% of the total cost of operating your compressed air system but it is commonly the most overlooked.

A Compressed Air Audit Will Detect Leaks

If you have a compressed air system, it’s inevitable it has leaks. Leaks overburden air compressor systems and drive energy consumption up, resulting in a loss of air pressure and volume. Fortunately, a compressed air audit will find leaks, ensuring they can get fixed to allow the system to work more efficiently.

Compressed Air Audits Provide Information on Air Quality

Particulate, oil carryover, and moisture can adversely affect air quality, and limit the efficiency of your compressed air system. Nevertheless, a compressed air audit will provide you with an objective view of the air quality within your facility. What’s more, your auditor will provide recommendations of what you can do to improve air quality.

Compressed Air Audits Evaluate the Piping Within Your Facility

If your facility is older, has been through expansions, and added on to over time, the piping headers may be undersized which could negatively impact air flow and air quality. Alternatively, pipes could lead to machines that are no longer in use, further wasting energy, air and money. A compressed air audit will provide information on how you can potentially reconfigure the piping in your building to improve air efficiency.

Those are just a few of the many examples of how a compressed air audit can help your industrial facility. iZ Systems has helped many businesses improve their facility’s air efficiency, saving them a great deal of money in the process. To learn more about how a compressed air audit can help your building, call us at 844-448-9797.