How the Internet of Things Helps Make Industrial Air Compressors More Efficient

Have you heard of the term “Internet of Things (IoT)?” It entails connecting all sorts of devices and machines to the internet.  This networking allows and facilitates the collecting of real time data which is then compiled and shared across multiple platforms for better decision making. IIoT is the Industrial focus on the IoT and how is it applied into a plant environment.  Smart Machines are able to use collected data to automatically analyze and react without the need for manual manipulation.    

Essentially, IIoT takes collected data and analyzes it with the ability to filter what’s valuable information and what’s not. It can detect patterns, make recommendations, and even detect problems before they create major issues. With this kind of technology, businesses can make more informed decisions, based on actual analytics that improve efficiency, reduce expenses and help with customer relations. This is especially true in industrial settings, where staying ahead of issues prevents shutdowns and keeps operations running efficiently.

The Internet of Things and Industrial Air Compressors

Consider an air compressor or system of compressors… Can IIoT technology make a difference and improve performance? Well of course, the IIoT makes it possible to monitor air compressor performance remotely. With real-time monitoring and data collection it is now possible and easy to see which compressors have decreased performance and which may have mechanical issues that need addressed… Essentially, when IIoT is properly implemented it helps prevent downtime allowing time to fix issues before they become catastrophic.  With the consistent and accurate collection of data and energy consumption profile can be created. This energy profile becomes a benchmark and ultimately allows for better practices through the management of aimed at improved efficiency measures. Sometimes, issues or patterns will be detected that may otherwise go unnoticed.  With the advent of IIoT technology there is also the potential for virtual reality tools, which further simplifies the troubleshooting process.

IIoT applications allow for automatic adjustments, reducing the need for human interaction, and enhance the maintenance process.  In some instances, smart machines can help fix themselves!  We live in some exciting times, and the evolution of smart technology is helping businesses increase production, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.

Since 1986, Case Controls has been integral in helping industrial businesses optimize their air compressor control systems. Our engineers have supported clients in all types of industries by enhancing their systems with the power and benefits of the internet of things.

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