How an Objective Compressed Air Auditor Can Help Your Industrial Business

Why might you want to work with an outside resource for your compressed air system analysis?

Sometimes it’s hard to take time to find potential improvements to your company when you’re in the midst of the daily grind and trying to juggle dozens of tasks. Outside resources, however, are new to your company, they’re objective and they have specialized areas of expertise. They’re not there to shed a bad light on your company; instead, they’re there to find areas for improvement that will make operations better and boost the bottom line.

This is especially true for compressed air auditors. We bring a niche expertise and a broader perspective. Since we work with all sorts of industrial clients, we see things in a certain way. We can spot trends…from our past experience, that may not be so obvious to someone in your organization that is working on many different issues in your plant. We are focused only on your compressed air system and bring the experience and knowledge from our team who has more than 100 years of combined experience in this industry.

Unlike permanent employees, auditors are independent so they’re going to be unbiased and objective. They can truly think “out of the box” and not risk getting in trouble for doing so– in fact, their thinking might actually help your company save time and money because they notice things your permanent employees don’t see!

What do you get from an auditor? You get their creative thinking combined with expertise in the field. This can be especially helpful to a company who just doesn’t have the time or current manpower to devote to certain things, like checking the status of its compressed air machines and equipment. An auditor should be familiar with industry best practices, which means they’ll be able to tell you if your systems are designed optimally or not. They can come up with solutions to your problems. Ideally, they help you improve your operations thanks to their big-picture thinking and exposure to other companies doing similar operations.

Finally, consider hiring an outside compressed air auditor as a cost-effective way of saving money for your company and we guarantee it! iZ Systems provides unbiased audits with helpful recommendations aimed at maximizing the value of the results. Call 844-448-9797 today for more info.